Legal information is supplied following application in writing that is addressed to the Institute by the interested party.

By means of the application, the applicant requests the Institute to provide legal information on subjects falling under its competence. The applicants should formulate their questions with clarity and precision. The Institute will not reply to questions that are not sufficiently defined.

The applicant must provide a full statement of contact information, i.e. name and surname, phone numbers and postal address. E-mail and cell phone information may be also included.

Applicants are also advised to attach any other material that may prove useful to the Institute staff in the course of research and preparation of the requested legal information, such as a court judgment or other order, foreign documents or other documents of the case file.


Consult or use the model application forms:

Application by lawyers and notary publics

Application by State authorities

The application can be made by post, e-mail message, facsimile or directly at the Secretariat. In due course, the application will be also submitted online.

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